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est 1900

In 1900, Mr. W. J. Thorne, frustrated with his suppliers, began making parts for his thriving Jewelry and Watch business. Then know as W. J. Thorne Limited, the business grew steadily through the first half of the 20th century under the watchful eye of successive Thorns. In the mid-fifties the business passed from the Thorn family to Charlie Wise, a long time, trusted manager. He owned the business for only a shorttime, but made critical decisions to change the direction of the company. Charlie bought new equipment and began developing deep draw technology. He expanded the product range beyond watches and Jewelry, starting with soup ladles. He continued to push the development of new parts for new markets until he sold the business to Garth Doel and George Day in 1958.

Tom Ballantyne was brought in as a partner to run manufacturing and with Garth handling administration, the business entered a sustained growth phase. Through ups and downs Tom and Garth grew and diversified the business, moved it to its present location, changed the name in 1993 to Taurus Stampings Inc., obtained certification to ISO 9001 and hired many of the key employees who drive the business today. Tom and Garth continued to lead the company into the new millennium but by 2004 it was time for the next phase.

The current owners, Terry Parsons, Dave Shaw and Mike Johnston have brought a continuous improvement focus to the business and have renewed emphasis on growth into new markets and new products.

Today Taurus Stampings Inc. supplies parts for locomotive engines, highway trucks, commercial food equipment, heavy-duty conveyors, specialty mufflers, the plumbing industry and much more. We are passionate about continuous improvement.

Iso 9001:2008 - Quality management systems
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